Dear Friends and Future Clients,

When I decided to become a real estate broker, I promised myself that I would never be just another agent. When my family relocated to America in 1995 the first thing we needed to do was find a home. Not speaking the language was hard enough; but not speaking the language of realtors was even harder. That’s why a decade later, when I entered the industry, I made the promise to all of my clients that I would be with them every step of the way.

You may notice that I have the letters J.D. following my name. That is because before relocating to this country I was a “housing judge” presiding over cases involving what is roughly equivalent to transfers of ownership and eminent domain law here in America. Now, I am not a lawyer here in the United States and I can’t give legal advice. But I know enough about the laws surrounding real estate transactions to know that they are complicated. And there is nothing any prospective buyer or seller needs more than a second set of eyes and someone to talk to.

In this industry you are nothing without your word and with each new client, I put my honor on the line when I say that I will always make myself available. I will always be honest. And I will never mislead you. That means that even if that new home is otherwise perfect, I’ll let you know that your furniture just won’t fit in the living room.

Even if you’re not ready to buy or sell and you just want to talk, give me a call. I am always willing to listen because here we are a family and that means that when you come to us, you really are coming home.


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