Dear Friends,

I’ve enjoyed many passions in life (snowy christmas holidays, modeling, and now practicing law) but none compare to the passion I share with my mother: making people happy. And nothing makes people happier than moving into a new home! But let’s face it: between all of the negotiating, the signatures, the permits, the price, and the market analysis, buying or selling real estate is no easy task.

And I speak from experience. I sympathize with anyone who has gone through the exciting yet stressful process. At age 22 I bought my first home. I quickly encountered the stressful parts of purchasing a home. Lenders and underwriters were becoming stricter, prices were on the rise, many cash buyers outbid me, multiple offers get rejected…the list goes on and on. Yet, despite these inevitable issues, I remained calm and excited about home ownership. The key was in finding a team I could trust. A team that understood my needs and far exceeded my expectations.

I was lucky enough to have my mother and her trusted team guide me through the entire process. And that’s what family does. They support one another. They guide one another. They always look out for one another’s best interest. Honesty, integrity, efficiency, and positivity. Those are the four words I use to describe my mother and those are the four words you should use to describe your real estate agent.

I look forward to helping you and your family in such an exciting endeavor!

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