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Diana holds the distinguished honor of being one of Central Florida’s top-selling brokers and REO listing agent by volume in Central Florida, one of the country’s hardest hit regions following the 2008 market crash. Prior to entering the real estate industry in 2006, Diana received distinguished honors for graduating at the top of her class at the Universidad de Oriente – Santiago de Cuba where she was trained to become a lawyer.

After a successful legal career, Diana then served as a judge in Santiago de Cuba, presiding over hundreds of cases involving transfers of ownership and the rough equivalent of eminent domain law in the United States.

While Diana is not a practicing lawyer in the United States or the State of Florida, her rigorous legal education and practical background quickly built her reputation as a competent and qualified broker. Diana is known for her ubiquitous industry knowledge, ability to spot and track market trends and predict sales price up to 6 months post-listing. Diana earns the respect of her clients by providing candid advice and transparency throughout each transaction.

Equipped with crucial market knowledge and experience, Diana and her team have seen enormous success outside of the foreclosure industry as well, with a rocketed foray into retail and traditional sales. Diana’s team executes the key principles she believes are crucial to an open and transparent client-broker relationship: blunt honesty coupled with the disclosure of all vital facts and pinpoint market price accuracy.

In her personal time, Diana enjoys cooking, traveling abroad, and spending time with her family and friends.